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Who we are

The Kroslak company was established in 1991 and is still owned by the Kroslak family.
Today, the company employs 150 people in upholstery and 50 people in its metalworks division, and all its products are exported to Western Europe.
The upholstery division’s current capacity is 1500 units per week, and the entire company’s annual revenue is €12 million.
Our clients are wholesalers, traders, retailers and designers to whom quality and prompt delivery are a priority.

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What we do

Our current product range mainly consists of models exclusive to our customers. In our in-house metalworks division, we produce our own metal parts – chrome legs and components, stainless steel, mechanical parts, metal frames, and accessories. In combination with upholstery, they are an excellent match for modern, stylish furniture. We can produce furniture with a wide range of leather and fabric options to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Another of our advantages is prompt delivery. Once a customer order is confirmed, the furniture can be made in 15 to 20 business days, depending on the volume and agreed conditions. From our work with business consumers and the hospitality trade, we have experience with high-standard non-flammable foam and coverings, and other special non-flammable layers and materials inside the furniture. Our prototyping and development team consists of six people with many years of experience, each highly skilled in their specialty. With only a sketch or an idea, they can build a new design of a model from scratch, or in cooperation with the metalworks division should the new model require it (feet, mechanical components, movable parts, motors). Today, we have over 100 models, most of them exclusive to our customers.


Upholstered Furniture

Our current portfolio of non-exclusive models
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Metal Furniture

Selected final products from the metalworks division
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Metal Components

Semi-finished products, feet, mechanical and other metal components
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Industrial Parks

We offer industrial park projects and other services in the region.

Please contact Samuel Kroslak for more details.

Why to choose us


Our fabric cutter can handle up to 22 layers, and our nesting software helps us create patterns that we also use to cut leather. This way we can maximize fabric usage 96% to 98%. We have over 15 years of experience with upholstering leather products. Our leather specialists and skilled workers adhere to high standards for leather storage and manual cutting.

Solid wood and DTD parts of sofa frames are produced in house on CNC machines. Pneumatic tables are used by upholstery and assembly workers. Our sewing workshop uses the technology to sew leather of different thicknesses and with tricky curves. In the metalworks division, we have all tools required to produce furniture-related metal components and products and a great variety of other products, as you can see in our catalog.

We have implemented an advanced operations scanning system for all workers, allowing us to follow every step of the production process. Cutting the cover, sewing, woodcutting, wood frame assembly, gluing, upholstering, assembly, quality control, packaging and shipping. All this is tracked in detail for every single order by the end customer. A shipment scanning system is open to our customers, so they can track loading and dispatch of their products.


Input materials

Our materials are certified to EU standards and we perform all upholstery production processes in house, guaranteeing high quality standards. Kroslak’s upholstery and metalworks divisions work together to cover most of the furniture material processes in house, including cutting machines for wood and coverings. All our materials are certified and non-toxic.


German design


For 20 years, Kroslak has evolved its craftsmanship to a high level to satisfy the needs of customers in the western EU, Russia and the UAE. We supply certified upholstery products to our exclusive German wholesale partner, which has been our core customer for over 15 years. They resell these products to chain stores and business consumers throughout Europe, focusing on the German-speaking countries. Especially in the Germany, our products are known for their high quality. Our metal parts and metal products, are delivered as semi-finished or final products to various customers throughout the EU, and are always happy to prepare a quote for a new customer. Our products are distributed to Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, South Korea and the UAE.

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